Saturday, 12 June 2010

Finishing powder--Part 1

I am not an avid base makeup user, but I have to admit that when I do, finishing powder is a vital step in my routine. For some reason, powders and eyeshadow palettes tend to be the ones with intricate print and gorgeous packaging, so I buy loads of these lol! Confession: I am VERY shallow when it comes to makeup.

In Part 1 I am going to talk about pressed finishing powders only. Along with a couple of newly acquitted pieces, these are my current favourites:-

Suqqu Noble Nuance Face Color--This is the most expensive of my stash right now(it used to be Guerlain Meteorites Voyage, I sold it after finding the Guerlain alternative below)
£40 for 3g

Paul&Joe Highlighting Powder--Shade 002, LE, this was from last Christmas.
£21 for 10g

Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Perfecting Pressed Powder--Shade 10 Nacre Des Mers, this was limited edition from last summer.
£33 for 10g

Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder--Released not long ago in the UK(much much later than its US release as always, sigh)
£18 for 9g


Suqqu comes with a velvet pouch and a lovely sized brush made out of quality goat hair. Paul&Joe has a gorgeous shiny packaging, a nice brush included. On the other hand, Guerlain looks very decadent but the case is plastic and just feel slightly unsturdy. No applicator but I always reach for my trusted Paul&Joe powder brush anyway. Too Faced's trademark cute packaging can never fail to tempt me, though the pink puff included seems to be no use to me.

Paul&Joe > Suqqu > Guerlain = Too Faced

Texture and Color

Guerlain has a big win here, it is the most creamy and fine powder that I have EVER tried! It is shimmery without being OTT, the color is just a bit paler than my own skintone. Too Faced contains pure gold apparently, the shimmer is very fine, unlike Bobbi Brown shimmerbrick, which I find too shimmery to use all-over. Suqqu is the most matt of them all, does exactly what SA said, balancing, brightening and keeps the foundation. I have not tried the Paul&Joe on my face yet. I can say from swatching it is just like their pressed powder in their regular line.

Guerlain > Suqqu > Too Faced = Paul&Joe

Value For Money

Too Faced > Paul&Joe > Guerlain > Suqqu


I love them all for different reasons! I do reach for Guerlain the most often though XD


  1. I must try the too faced one now!!!

  2. i like that the P&J has a brush! hmm... >:) hahaha! nice finishing powder collection :)

  3. Oooh can you actually swatch Nacre de Mers for me? I'm considering getting it on Strawberrynet, but I haven't been able to find a good swatch on the web and since its discontinued, I can't swatch it in store...

    Thank you!

    And congrats on your blog, it was so funny running into you like that on Oxford St. XD

  4. Hi Sheila,

    I actually swatched it but the picture just does not do the colors justice. It is two colors but I like mixing them so I get a pale beige-y color, I hope that makes sense? I think I saw some swatches on mywomensstuff blog:-)

    p.s.yeah we were meant to meet that day lol!

  5. congrats on starting a new blog! i just started out too :)

    i have the guerlain in beige luminex and i agree that its a huge winner! it's been my ultimate setting powder and now i just want to collect the whole lot. yup i'm a real sucker for pretty packaging too :D

  6. Congrats and welcome to blogging :) Already you are doing well!