Friday, 18 June 2010

Finishing powder--Part 2

Following on from my 1st post, I am going to talk about another four of my loose setting powder:-)

Paul&Joe Finishing Powder--This is from their Sahara LE collection. I forgot to take a pic of the puff included, it is really gorgeous!

£18 for 10g

YSL Semi-Loose Powder Natural Radiance--Shade 2. Excellent match for my skintone.

£35 for 17g

Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder--Shade 02 Teint Beige, a mix of yellow, beige, white and rose. This is launched as part of the summer collection, they basically revamped the packaging and colors.

£33 for 30g

VOV Castledew Loose Powder--Got this on Gmarket for around retail price. The shade is 23, because my face is a lot lighter than my neck it is always better going for a slightly darker shade rather than a lighter shade IMO.

£6 for 30g


Paul&Joe always shine in this department. This is just sooo pretty, and the attention to details is incredible! I know cardboard isn't the most practical packaging for pure vanity Paul&Joe easily wins me over:-P YSL has a very clever portable packaging, with a built-in shaving mechanism that when you screw it you can easily control the amount coming out. I love its portability and the fact that you won't lose unnecessary product. I know loose powders isn't for carrying around, still it is good to know that there won't be a big mess when moving it around. I believe many brands have tried to copy it since (talking to you Smashbox Halo). Newly revamped Guerlain has the most decadent packaging, it comes with a sturdy metal-felt case, which is a big plus for the new packaging. VOV is by no means by ugly, but the puff included felt cheap and useless. I guess you get what you paid for, so can't complain!

Paul&Joe > YSL = Guerlain > VOV

Texture and Color

Guerlain has the creamiest texture again and I somehow favour its strong scent(violet I think?). Though I find it too shimmery to be used all over. YSL is perfect for my skintone, finely milled, almost matt. The only problem is that when I layer it on it can be a bit cakey. I have not tried the Paul&Joe on my face yet, from swatching it in-store I know it has shimmers and texture-wise it is a dream. VOV is on the drying side, color match is good.

YSL > Guerlain = Paul&Joe > VOV

Value For Money

As expensive as Guerlain goes, I can see it last me years even with daily use!

VOV > Guerlain > Paul&Joe > YSL


My favourite is YSL since we are talking about setting powders here, I do heart the Guerlain Meteorites for highlighting purpose.

So I hoped you enjoyed my mini series, do you like this format of comparison reviews? If so what would you like to see reviewed? Just comment and lemme know^^


  1. very nice comparison/review! the ysl setting powder sounds great! i wish they bring back YSL here in the Philippines :(

  2. Thank you for the comparisons!

    Is the P&J powder really sparkly? I was thinking of getting it but I saw on some blogs that its matte but you say its shimmery... do you think its too shimmery to use all over your face? even in the summer? Thanks!

  3. Hi Sheila,

    I reckon it's ok for all-over as the shimmer aren't glitter if you know what I mean? Like the YSL, which at first I thought was completely matt but then my friend swatched it once and I only noticed the shimmer on her hand then. Hope if helps:-)

  4. This is a lovely powder comparison post! I have the old version of the Guerlain Meteorites Powder, but I'm so craving for the new version now, hehe...

    Thank you for being a visitor to my blog! :)