Friday, 2 July 2010

Sit tight totally failed me!

Two posts ago, I posted here about the new contouring product from Soap&Glory and I was really excited!

So I tried it on Thursday, all was good, I felt a tingling sensation when sitting on the tube. However after an hour in the office of sitting down, the sensation disappeared and to my horror I was greeted with some nasty bit on my thigh! Guess what, the product totally balled off! I spent 10 mins getting them all off which is totally embarrassing, I certainly hope no one noticed in my office oh dear...I WILL NOT be touching this product again for a while, I might give it another try sometime at weekends, who knows? For now, it is a totally nay for me.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sorry for being MIA!

My internship started this week which is the major reason for my disappearance from blogspot. I have been doing 9 to 9 everyday and I am just EXHAUSTED! Will try to update at weekends, hope you are all having a good week:-)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Just another contouring product?

Soap and Glory Sit Tight

£14 for 200ml

I picked this up with a friend on BOGOF, the concept seemed very interesting so I was instantly intrigued. This is what 'Soap&Glory' say about their product:-

'WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Fabulous NEW double-action formula works while you simply....Sit Tight™ - sit-activated special lower body firming formula. Just sit down to optimise!

The exclusive sit-released firming system is loaded with caffeine (at a level between 27-33%) which is known for its extended lipolytic, firming and draining actions.

The friction/heat generated by the user during the act of sitting acts as a release mechanism to trigger increased movement of the product to the lower body areas most affected by fatty tissue buildup.

With the addition of DETOXYBOOST, an active shown to help healthy circulation, a daily massaged-on application of Sit Tight helps to stimulate more efficient movement of fluid.'

    Starting from tomorrow, I am going to test it out and report back each week on how I am getting on. So stay tuned!

    Sunday, 20 June 2010

    God-sends for itchy dry scalp

    For some reasons, I always had dry/itchy scalp with oily hair. I guess that's what you call "combination" hair-type. Until recently, my scalp problem always drove me insane. However I think I finally found my HG hair routine*happydance*

    Released not long ago, the Shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa series is designed to treatment hair and scalp at the same time, after all scalp is the basis of beautiful hair:-) Since scalp is a big problem of mine, I rushed out asking a lovely friend to CP it for me. I have been using it for a month, so I now feel fully qualified to give it a big thumb up^^

    Shiseido Tsubaki HEAD SPA Extra Cleansing £9 (approximately inc. shipping)

    I have always liked the idea of deep-cleansing once a week, so I practically jumped at the idea. I like the fact that it is 280ml, which is bigger than most shampoo bottles plus you only use it once a week! The fragrance is lovely, I cannot put my finger on it, but it is refreshing and light. The texture is liquid-y, like most shampoos. It foams up gently, I am very glad because too much foaming would suggest to me that it uses a lot of SLS, and that is a big no-no in my book. So it does exactly what it says. I am left with squeaky clean hair and scalp is feeling refreshed. The packaging is great too, I really could not fault it.


    Shiseido Tsubaki HEAD SPA Massage Spa Mask £9 (approximately inc. shipping)

    Another genius idea from the line, mask for scalp. I am a big fan of masks, but every mask I have tried says "stay away from the scalp" or it's too greasy blah blah blah. This one is actually for scalp only. Since it is inexpensive I thought it couldn't hurt to try. To my surprise, it works a treat. The nozzle packaging is very clever, I section my hair and then put the nozzle to my scalp and squeeze some product out as I go along. The texture is a yellow balm-y cream, just like normal masks. The fragrance is similar to the extra cleansing shampoo. I massage it and then leave it on for about 5 minutes while I wash the rest of my body. I get a nice tingle feeling which is apparently normal. After washing it off, my scalp feel soothed and moisturised. I have noticed that since I started using it, my scalp almost never itched again which is a MIRACLE! The only pet-peeve I have with this product, I get through it very quickly, I think I only have 2 usage left at most. But it could be down to the generous amount I tend to use for all kind of masks..


    I am thrilled with the results I have with this two products and I am really keen to try out the shampoo and condition in the range. I might wait for Sasa to stock it though otherwise the shipping is mighty expensive. Hope this post was helpful, I will leave you with a couple of my tips on keeping your hair and scalp in tip-top condition:-

    1. Don't over-wash your hair. I wash mine every other day, I know for some people it gets on their nerves if they couldn't wash it daily, well, I use dry shampoos on my second day if I feel I need it. I understand washing habits are personal to everybody though, so if you STILL feel the need to wash it daily, just make sure you use a gentle shampoo that won't strip the moisture out of your hair&scalp.

    2. Don't alternate between too many shampoos (I learnt my mistake the hard way!). Treat you hair once a week. Just like facial massage/masks, I think it is good to do the same for your hair.

    4. Stay away from too hot water when washing, hot water irritates the scalp. Similarly when blow-trying don't set the temperature too high. I use a T3 hair dryer and set it to the medium heat. Always use a heat-protecting heat, I prefer creams over sprays as a lot of sprays contain alcohol which is drying for the hair.

    What's your go-to product for scalp flare-ups? Pls do share your love and tips in the comment box, cheers!

    Friday, 18 June 2010

    Yinnie's giveaway

    My friend, the lovely Yinnie is having a giveaway! Details are to be found Here

    I already entered to show my support, good luck to everyone who is about to enter too:-D

    Finishing powder--Part 2

    Following on from my 1st post, I am going to talk about another four of my loose setting powder:-)

    Paul&Joe Finishing Powder--This is from their Sahara LE collection. I forgot to take a pic of the puff included, it is really gorgeous!

    £18 for 10g

    YSL Semi-Loose Powder Natural Radiance--Shade 2. Excellent match for my skintone.

    £35 for 17g

    Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder--Shade 02 Teint Beige, a mix of yellow, beige, white and rose. This is launched as part of the summer collection, they basically revamped the packaging and colors.

    £33 for 30g

    VOV Castledew Loose Powder--Got this on Gmarket for around retail price. The shade is 23, because my face is a lot lighter than my neck it is always better going for a slightly darker shade rather than a lighter shade IMO.

    £6 for 30g


    Paul&Joe always shine in this department. This is just sooo pretty, and the attention to details is incredible! I know cardboard isn't the most practical packaging for pure vanity Paul&Joe easily wins me over:-P YSL has a very clever portable packaging, with a built-in shaving mechanism that when you screw it you can easily control the amount coming out. I love its portability and the fact that you won't lose unnecessary product. I know loose powders isn't for carrying around, still it is good to know that there won't be a big mess when moving it around. I believe many brands have tried to copy it since (talking to you Smashbox Halo). Newly revamped Guerlain has the most decadent packaging, it comes with a sturdy metal-felt case, which is a big plus for the new packaging. VOV is by no means by ugly, but the puff included felt cheap and useless. I guess you get what you paid for, so can't complain!

    Paul&Joe > YSL = Guerlain > VOV

    Texture and Color

    Guerlain has the creamiest texture again and I somehow favour its strong scent(violet I think?). Though I find it too shimmery to be used all over. YSL is perfect for my skintone, finely milled, almost matt. The only problem is that when I layer it on it can be a bit cakey. I have not tried the Paul&Joe on my face yet, from swatching it in-store I know it has shimmers and texture-wise it is a dream. VOV is on the drying side, color match is good.

    YSL > Guerlain = Paul&Joe > VOV

    Value For Money

    As expensive as Guerlain goes, I can see it last me years even with daily use!

    VOV > Guerlain > Paul&Joe > YSL


    My favourite is YSL since we are talking about setting powders here, I do heart the Guerlain Meteorites for highlighting purpose.

    So I hoped you enjoyed my mini series, do you like this format of comparison reviews? If so what would you like to see reviewed? Just comment and lemme know^^