Sunday, 20 June 2010

God-sends for itchy dry scalp

For some reasons, I always had dry/itchy scalp with oily hair. I guess that's what you call "combination" hair-type. Until recently, my scalp problem always drove me insane. However I think I finally found my HG hair routine*happydance*

Released not long ago, the Shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa series is designed to treatment hair and scalp at the same time, after all scalp is the basis of beautiful hair:-) Since scalp is a big problem of mine, I rushed out asking a lovely friend to CP it for me. I have been using it for a month, so I now feel fully qualified to give it a big thumb up^^

Shiseido Tsubaki HEAD SPA Extra Cleansing £9 (approximately inc. shipping)

I have always liked the idea of deep-cleansing once a week, so I practically jumped at the idea. I like the fact that it is 280ml, which is bigger than most shampoo bottles plus you only use it once a week! The fragrance is lovely, I cannot put my finger on it, but it is refreshing and light. The texture is liquid-y, like most shampoos. It foams up gently, I am very glad because too much foaming would suggest to me that it uses a lot of SLS, and that is a big no-no in my book. So it does exactly what it says. I am left with squeaky clean hair and scalp is feeling refreshed. The packaging is great too, I really could not fault it.


Shiseido Tsubaki HEAD SPA Massage Spa Mask £9 (approximately inc. shipping)

Another genius idea from the line, mask for scalp. I am a big fan of masks, but every mask I have tried says "stay away from the scalp" or it's too greasy blah blah blah. This one is actually for scalp only. Since it is inexpensive I thought it couldn't hurt to try. To my surprise, it works a treat. The nozzle packaging is very clever, I section my hair and then put the nozzle to my scalp and squeeze some product out as I go along. The texture is a yellow balm-y cream, just like normal masks. The fragrance is similar to the extra cleansing shampoo. I massage it and then leave it on for about 5 minutes while I wash the rest of my body. I get a nice tingle feeling which is apparently normal. After washing it off, my scalp feel soothed and moisturised. I have noticed that since I started using it, my scalp almost never itched again which is a MIRACLE! The only pet-peeve I have with this product, I get through it very quickly, I think I only have 2 usage left at most. But it could be down to the generous amount I tend to use for all kind of masks..


I am thrilled with the results I have with this two products and I am really keen to try out the shampoo and condition in the range. I might wait for Sasa to stock it though otherwise the shipping is mighty expensive. Hope this post was helpful, I will leave you with a couple of my tips on keeping your hair and scalp in tip-top condition:-

1. Don't over-wash your hair. I wash mine every other day, I know for some people it gets on their nerves if they couldn't wash it daily, well, I use dry shampoos on my second day if I feel I need it. I understand washing habits are personal to everybody though, so if you STILL feel the need to wash it daily, just make sure you use a gentle shampoo that won't strip the moisture out of your hair&scalp.

2. Don't alternate between too many shampoos (I learnt my mistake the hard way!). Treat you hair once a week. Just like facial massage/masks, I think it is good to do the same for your hair.

4. Stay away from too hot water when washing, hot water irritates the scalp. Similarly when blow-trying don't set the temperature too high. I use a T3 hair dryer and set it to the medium heat. Always use a heat-protecting heat, I prefer creams over sprays as a lot of sprays contain alcohol which is drying for the hair.

What's your go-to product for scalp flare-ups? Pls do share your love and tips in the comment box, cheers!


  1. Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo =P

    But..GOOD TIPS!!! =D Although I'd love to have some HOT WATER. I've been having luke warm showers for the past 2 weeks. ><

  2. Hi Jian,

    Love your blog! Read your review on the J&J shampoo sometimes back, I tried it before but since my hair is oily it kinda doesn't work for me unfortunately.

    My shower is a bit weird atm as well, goes HOT and COLD, not a good thing!

  3. OOh nice review. I have the same type of hair as you Kelly! But i found my HG in Boots, James brown scandalous leaves my hair sqeauky clean. =)

    and the hot and cold thing, I try to blast cold water on my hair at the end, apparently makes it shinier. =)

  4. Lovely, I am going to try that! Though I hear James Brown as a brand is going into bankruptcy...interesting

    Yeah I started doing the cold rinse thing a couple of weeks ago, I feel like it helps as well to make sure there is no residue left:-)

  5. I would definitely give this a go. I've been using Kerastase for the past few years and love it.